5 Ways to keep your Epos System running smoothly

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The Epos system is the system which comprises of the hardware peripherals and the Epos software. All the things combine together to form a system and in this way the system becomes suited to promote the sales environment.

Basically the Epos system is concerned about support of the data entry procedure by means of different devices like keyboards, touch screen monitors and scanners. All of these are prone to faults and malfunctioning and if this occurs it can hurt your point of sale transactions for hours until fixed.

There are many ways to keep your Epos system working efficiently and without any fault. Some common ways of keeping the Epos system run smoothly are as follows:

UpdateEpos software regularly

Epos companies keep on working on fixing bugs and their new versions gets better stability and performances. Hence, make sure that you are updating your Epos software whenever a new version is available. Just set the notification on for any new version availability. Additionally, you can subscribe to the newsletter of your Epos vendor. Most of the Epos vendors communicate any new version availability or major release through their newsletters.

Have best supported accessories

Another way of ensuring the effective working of the Epos system is using the best supported accessories. If possible buy all the accessories from the same vendor from where you have bought your Epos system. Moreover, use multi-line bar code scanners. This ensures the pricing is kept accurate and honest working of system. Consequently the cashiers are allowed to work efficiently and quickly.

Have an updated antivirus

Computer systems are prone to get affected by viruses and malwares. Do not take a risk and always have an updated version of any good Antivirus installed in your system. There are some free antiviruses are available in the market, the best bet, buy a full version of any leading Antivirus software for a full protection.

Train your employees

Today’s Epos systems are so sophisticated that it doesn’t need proper training to use it. However, a complete picture of its functionality and a formal training to your employees can help you avoid some pitfalls that can arise due to mishandling. Generally all the Epos vendors provide free training to Epos users. Make use of that and schedule a training session and gather all your employees to attend the same.

Subscribe for support of your Epos provider

Generally Epos vendors provide free after sales support for a limited period of time and charge additionally for an extended period. It is always wise to subscribe for their support to ensure that you get immediate attention and remedy when your Epos system starts malfunctioning. It is better to be ready than losing business for hours in case of any failure.


In short,a well working and an updated Epos system is essential for keeping the sales system up to the mark. These precautions and activities help you to avoid a system failure that can hurt your business for hours. This will also be helpful in order to remove the manual flaws from the pricing system.

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Julie Evans is an EPOS expert and currently serves as the head of marketing at Epos Direct. For more than 16 years, she has researched and analysed the requirements of a wide range of business formats to develop EPOS software that satisfies their unique requirements.

About the Author:

Fixed Asset Consultant at Prosperity Agencies Limited with over 10 years practical experience in physical verification, bar-coding of assets and fixed asset software implementation

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